Tenure® A Multi-Purpose Bonding Refill Kit



  • (1) 6mL Bottle of Tenure® A Multi-Purpose Bonding Refill Kit

The Tenure® Multi-Purpose Bonding (MPB) System (MPB) boasts a proven clinical record of perfect long-lasting, sensitivity-free restorations for more than 30 years. Tenure® A and B multi-purpose, self-cure adhesive bonds to the five intraoral surfaces; enamel, dentin, porcelain, composite and metal. This versatile bonding agent is compatible with self-cure, dual-cure and light-cure composite materials and offers has high bond strengths, excellent retention and a low film thickness, along with significant reduction of microleakage and and no-post- operative sensitivity which makes Tenure MPB a favorite among dentists and patients.

Tenure offers:

  • bonding of all routine direct and indirect resin composites
  • bonding of porcelain, ceramic veneers, amalgams, precious and semi-precious metals
  • bonding of indirect gold, porcelain, and ceramic inlays and onlays
  • crown prep desensitization prior to impression/temp
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The Tenure® Multi-Purpose Bonding System - 30-Second Dentistry™