Sapphire® Plus Curing Light


The Sapphire® Plus Curing Light is a versatile and powerful plasma-arc curing light system. Light-curing composites cure in 3-5 seconds. For quick, convenient, comfortable, and economical curing, Sapphire is the only choice.


  • (1) Sapphire Plus Curing Light
  • Pistol Protective Orange Shield
  • Protective Eye Glasses
  • Curing Rings
  • 9 mm curing tip
  • Operator’s Manual

Creating brilliant smiles with Power Conversion Technology

Sapphire Plus dental LED curing light generates and delivers maximum curing power, while providing maximum patient comfort. This power train forms a coherent beam of LED curing light for the fastest dental curing and hardest composites no matter the distance. No other dental curing lights have the clinically relevant wavelengths ranging that Sapphire Plus can provide.


Sapphire Plus Curing Light - The Greatest Multi-Purpose Light Available

Sapphire Plus has been proven #1 for composite hardness in just 5 seconds when compared to other popular lights using recommended curing times. Fast and complete curing is all about getting the greatest total energy to the restoration. Independent research shows that the Sapphire Plus dental curing light got it right! Sapphire delivers the greatest total energy in just 5 seconds to produce the hardest top and bottom restoration surfaces.

With easy and safe patient set up, the Sapphire Plus Curing Light allows for the best in dentist-assisted polymerization in the restoration process.


  • High speed performance with 3-5 second curing
  • Place LUMINEERS up to 50% faster
  • Less stress, more profits

What type of light is the Sapphire Plus Curing Light?

The Sapphire Plus is a plasma arc curing light.

How long does it take to cure composites with the Sapphire Plus Curing Light?

The Sapphire Plus Curing Light cures composites in 3-5 seconds. It is recommended that curing times are checked for each material using the Curing Test Rings.

I have a halogen curing light. Do I need the Sapphire Plus for LUMINEERS by Cerinate placement?

A conventional Halogen light will work for LUMINEERS Placement. However, the Sapphire Supreme will make the procedure Faster, Easier, and Better. The Sapphire light will penetrate through .5mm of porcelain with 87% more power than the Optilux 501.

What are the small tips used for?

The CeriTaper Tips are available in 2 mm or 4 mm. These tips greatly reduce finishing time when placing LUMINEERS porcelain veneers. Use the tips to tack the LUMINEERS into place and remove the excess luting agent using an un-filled resin.

The Sapphire Plus system consists of a xenon plasma arc light source (lamp), power supply and a light guide with a pistol-type handpiece with user interface controls. The Sapphire Plus system is a source of illumination for curing dental restorative materials. Broad spectrum visible light emissions are filtered to provide peak performance for initiating rapid polymerization of photo-initiated dental restoratives. There are separate tips for restorative curing that effectively utilize the visible light emissions for their indicated uses. Once the light guide is firmly plugged into the Sapphire Light Source Unit’s Light Guide Port, the xenon arc lamp’s emissions can be accessed by the curing light. When either the light guide is inserted, the Sapphire Plus’ microprocessor recognizes that they have been inserted, and that the xenon arc lamp can be used when needed. Control panels for curing/bleaching are present. The user interfaces offer a wide range of timing increments for curing or bleaching. Bright display windows and LEDs provide visual status indications and clear audio signals are present to further ensure setting’s confirmation.