SOL Desktop Laser

For years the SOL® Portable Soft-Tissue Diode Desktop Laser has delivered exceptional performance at a palatable price. Made in the US to the highest of quality standards and backed by a 2-year warranty, the SOL Desktop Laser is a coveted addition to any practice.


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  1. SOL Desktop Laser
    SOL® Desktop Laser LR1001W
  2. Dental Laser - SOL Disposable Laser Tips 300um 9mm
    SOL® Disposable Laser Tips 300um- 9mm LR1010
  3. Dental Laser - SOL Disposable Laser Tips 400um 4mm
    SOL® Disposable Laser Tips 400um- 4mm 033980028-0
  4. SOL® Soft-Tissue Dental Laser - Fiber cable and handle replacement
    SOL Fiber Replacement Kit LR10006
  5. Dental Laser - SOL Laser Sleeves
    SOL® Laser Sleeves 043980902-1
  6. Dental Laser - SOL Power Cord
    SOL® Power Cord LR1005

6 Items

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