Dental Cement

DenMat’s comprehensive offering of dental cements enable durable, lasting restorations time after time. Our products range from all-purpose resin-ionomer cements to light-cured resin and multi-purpose dual-cured solutions suitable for your diverse needs.


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  1. Dental Cement -Infinity Syringeable Value Kit
    Infinity® Syringe Value Kit 039680100
  2. Dental Cement -Infinity Syringeable Intro Kit
    Infinity® Syringe Intro Kit 039690110
  3. Dental Cement -Infinity Syringeable Kit
    Infinity® Syringe Kit 039670100
  4. Dental Cement - Infinity SE Syringeable Value Kit
    Infinity® SE Syringe Value Kit 039681200
  5. Dental Cement -Infinity SE Syringeable Kit
    Infinity® SE Syringe Kit 039680200
  6. Dental Cement - Infinity A & B Jar Kit
    Infinity® Jars 039620150
  7. Dental Solvent for hands and instruments - Solvenex
    Solvenex® 8000

8 Items

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