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The Smile Discovery Program® (SDP), in addition to providing marketing support, offers product benefits to ensure program partners have all the materials necessary to be a successful cosmetic dentistry practice. Each month, SDP members receive exclusive benefits and discounts that can be applied to DenMat product orders. DenMat, a manufacturer of many award-winning products and holder of more than 100 patents, offers a complete portfolio of products that will assist clinicians in the delivery of quality dentistry. After all, DenMat understands the importance of quality materials to delivery of quality dentistry in order to meet quality standards of care that results in satisfied patients who will happily refer your dental practice.

Each month, SDP members receive these product benefits, including but not limited to:

  • $650 worth of DenMat products

  • 25% discount on all items purchased from DenMat (included items purchased with monthly points)

  • Free, 2-day shipping on every order

  • ONE-TIME, upon sign-up: DenMat Laboratory vouchers for two, 6-unit Lumineers® cases at no charge, as well as an additional two for 50% off (a $2,000 value)


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Join the Smile Discovery Program® (SDP) to increase your esthetic business and grow your practice through unparalleled service, unique marketing programs and product discounts.

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