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We offer a variety of custom-crafted mouthguards to suit each individual patient. The soft nightguard can be developed with varying thicknesses depending on the preventative, corrective, or protective applications, like bruxing or sports. We provide the highly-effective mouthguards deigned for comfort, durable resistance to wear and tear, mouthguards that do not restrict breathing or inhibit speech. We also offer a LumiGuard for patients that have Lumineers® and are still experience bruxing. Our LumiGuard is fabricated in a hard material to help alleviate the tight occlusal contact and pressures a patient may have at night. Likewise, LumiGuards can also be worn during the day, with ease of removal.

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Follow the step-by-step instructions to help ensure the integrity of your cases as they travel from point A to point B. Contact Lab Support for free supplies.

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Send a Digital Impression

DenMat Lab accepts intraoral scans for many restoration types from digital scanning systems that have the ability to utilize the open STL format.

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Transform your patient's smile with ART (Additive-Reductive Template), a minimally invasive approach to smile design and patient acceptance.

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