Hartzell Crown Cementation Kit


Assembled as the ideal combination of restorative instruments, Hartzell offers streamline productivity and ease of use during temporary removal to permanent cementation.


  • 10-Instrument Stainless Steel Cassette
  • Temporary Crown Remover - HZICR
  • Articulating Paper Forceps - HZIAPF
  • #5 Cone Socket Mirror with Handle - HZCSH2A & HZM5EA
  • Double-Ended Explorer - HZXA5
  • Cement Spatula - HZCA24
  • Carver - HZC1/2H
  • Cord Packer - HZC113
  • Cotton Pliers - HZIPLCX

Stainless Steel Cassette:

  • Autoclavable
  • Eliminates lost or misplaced instruments
  • Easy sterilization-to-operatory convenience
  • Eliminates direct handling of contaminated instruments
  • Includes silicone insert to secure instruments during movement

About Hartzell Dental Instruments Since 1935, G. Hartzell and Son Dental Instruments has proudly served dental professionals worldwide with the highest quality dental hand instruments. Since 2014, DenMat offers these superior instruments as a new addition to the DenMat family. These industry-leading tools connect you to your patient and have long been preferred by clinicians for perio, hygiene, restorative, ortho, endo, and surgical dental procedures.

Keep your dental instruments sharp!

Keep your dental instruments sharp!

Expert dental instrument sharpening, repairs and retipping for your Hartzell Instruments - Ship us your dull or damaged instruments - Get your instruments back fully sharpened and operational in 2 weeks

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